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T his accredited curriculum’s highlights include pathophysiology, treatment and prioritization of care for a variety of medical problems commonly encountered in wilderness environments and settings remote from hospital/ definitive care. Physicians and allied health care providers who counsel patients traveling to remote areas will be interested in the topics covered during this unique CME event. Curriculum includes altitude safety, altitude risk reduction, recent recommendations on altitude-related illnesses prophylaxis, rescue strategies and ethics, as well as jungle medicine, and general mountain medicine and rescue techniques. This will be achieved through didactic lectures, small-group discussions and hands-on training.

The climb to the “Roof of Africa” is without a doubt one of the worlds great adventures. Climbing from Kilimanjaro’s rainforests to its glacier capped 19,340 foot summit is simply an amazing experience. If that isn’t exciting enough we will cap our adventures off with an African Safari. Watch herds of wildebeest traverse the african savanah, Get up close with herds of elephants, watch zebras and giraffes run on the plain, and see some of the last remaining wild big cats stalk their prey. East Africa is one of the most amazing and enchanting places on earth to visit.

The summit’s accessibility is one amazing characteristics of Kilimanjaro. There is no technical climbing involved in the ascent and any climber who is in good physical condition can reach the top with out complicated skills and expensive climbing equipment. This the only mountain of the seven summits, the tallest mountain on each of the seven continents, that is accessible to novice climbers with no high altitude experience and is a great prelude to climbing high mountains in the Himalayas or the Andes.


● Climb with a local IFMGA certified mountain guide, leading the best team of local guides.
● Get 16 hours AMA/PRA Category 1 CME credits
● Take advantage of the best kili program, summiting from the amazing Crater Camp..
● Enjoy the best wildlife safari, with great lodging and food.
● Experience he personalized service that makes Andes Mountain Guides the best option in Aconcagua.

Kilimanjaro Safari CME

We set base in Moshi, a quiet town at Kilimanjaro foothills. After a day in town organizing everything and starting with our CME lectures, we start moving through the Shira-Barafu route. This approach starts at the forest, to gradually get close to the Kibo peak.  A classic day starts with a fantastic breakfast, in campssites surrounded by lunar landscapes, hiking always with great views of the African Savannah. The trail follows different environments, from rain forest to moorlands, to the surreal crater at the top of the mountain, where we camp by the glacier. The summit day we climb off the beaten path, giving the ascent a little more technical and much more enjoyable finale than the normal route.

After our Kili summit we visit the iconic parks of Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara and Tarangire, experiencing three days in full contact with the African landscape, its wildlife and culture. An amazing and exotic trip to a fantastic summit in a fascinating country.

Why come with us?

AMG offers the highest standards on Kilimanjaro. Being a small company  we specialize on custom trips, keeping our Kilimanjaro Safari CME trips with the same spirit, offering a personalized service in every aspect, with the advantage of having an office both in Argentina and in the USA.  Our groups are small, our expeditions don´t overlap and our guides are simply the best: the most qualified local professionals led by fully IFMGA certified, elite alpinists with extensive experience working  not only in Kilimanjaro but all around the world.


“All the guides did a splendid job in organizing and adapting to every twist from lost baggage to frozen bathroom water. The technical teaching was exceptional and all the guides were helpful, kind, funny and responsive to each concerned voiced by the group.The bottom line is you guy are great and it was a pleasure to be part of the expedition…”
Dr. Scott Unice, Idaho, USA

“I may not have summited but I had an amazing adventure lead by some lovely people. Thanks!”
Dr. Lynne Tracey, London, UK.