T his program became an AMG classic, being the best option to get the best of  the whole Patagonia area. Following a flexible schedule, we visit the different areas according to the weather forecast, maximizing the climbing days at the end of the tour. Frey, Tronador, Piedra Parada and El Chalten will be our main objectives in this full trip covering Patagonia from north to south.


● Climb with a local IFMGA certified mountain guide, bilingual, a truly Patagonia expert
● Experience an intense tour that covers all the main areas in Patagonia
● Take advantage of a custom service with a flexible schedule that maximizes your climbing time
● Enjoy the small climber´s basecamp atmosphere of El Chalten town with its crags, bars, restaurants and wineries
● Take advantage of the personalized service that makes Andes Mountain Guides the best option in Patagonia

The Patagonia Climbing Tour

Bariloche is our meeting point where we take advantage of the fantastic granite spires of Frey and the glaciers of Tronador. This spots are great objectives with many options to train and warm up before heading south, combining every mountain skill.

Once the good weather window shows up in the Chalten area, we drive south, with a stop at Piedra Parada, where we get our fingers strong and enjoy the best sport crag in South America.

After driving the wild 40 route we get to the town of Chalten, where we focus on the summit of one of the main peaks of the range, Guillaumet, L´S or Poincenot, according to the climber´s  level as well as weather and route´s conditions.

Being the first objective of this custom trip to get as much climbing as possible in great spots and with good weather, we might readjust the schedule, having the Cochamo granite walls and Arenales spires as backup destinations.

Start training now, sharpen your crampons and get motivated for the ultimate climbing trip in Patagonia.

Why come with us?

AMG offers the highest standards on technical guided climbs in Patagonia. Being a small company specialized on custom trips, we approach  the Patagonia Climbing Tour with the same spirit, offering a personalized service in every aspect, with the advantage of having an office both in Argentina and in the USA. Our guides are fully IFMGA certified, elite alpinists with extensive experience working  not only in Patagonia but all around the world.


“This past december I had the opportunity to take a solo and rather last-minute trip down to Patagonia. I decided to use the time to focus on climbing and, after speaking with several guiding companies, settled on Andes Mountain Guides. I couldn’t be happier with my decision, and feel lucky to have found these guys.
As it happened, the weather cooperated perfectly. I spent a week with Fede in the north, sport climbing for several days in La Buitrera and then tackling several of the spires at Frey. By the end of the week the weather down south was starting to look promising, so Juampi and I drove down together and during our stay in El Chalten managed to summit Guillaumet on Fitz Roy range twice by two different routes. All in all it was an incredible trip and I learned a ton from Fede and Juampi. They were both great climbers, thoughtful communicators, and great guys to boot. Hope I get the chance to climb with them in the future!”

Peter Koomen, San Francisco, CA