A concagua is the highest point on the American continent and the tallest peak in the world outside of Asia. Rising approximately 4,000 ft above its surrounding peaks, Aconcagua, “The Stone Sentinel”, dominates the rugged Andean landscape. The ascent to its summit offers spectacular views of the Andes mountain range.

Aconcagua was first climbed in 1897, up the Northwest side of the mountain by Swiss Mountain Guide Matthias Zurbriggen. This route has become the most popular way to climb the mountain, and is known as the Ruta Normal or Normal Route. The extreme altitude, severe winds, and cold temperatures make an ascent by this, or any other route on this mountain, very challenging.

Following the Horcones Glacier, we’ll attempt the summit on the northeast aspect of the mountain, on the classic original route, first getting to the top of Cerro Bonete (5100 mts).

Climbing one of the 7 summits while living  a true expedition experience makes Aconcagua an unforgettable mountain.


● Climb with a local IFMGA certified mountain guide, with no less than 15 expeditions of experience in the mountain.
● Take advantage of the best acclimatization program, climbing Cerro Bonete before attempting the higher camps.
● Enjoy the best basecamp facilities, with free showers, free wi-fi, the most comfortable domes, great food and no crowds.
● Experience the personalized service that makes Andes Mountain Guides the best option in Aconcagua.

The Northeast Route

We start  our trip at Mendoza, famous for its wines and culture before getting up to the mountains. Later we get to the winding path of the Ruta 7, which connects Argentina with Chile, making our first stop at Penitentes, an old ski village where we prepare the loads for the mules and start our acclimatization process.

From here we begin our trek that will take us to witness the impressive South Face and later to Plaza de Mulas, our base camp. After summiting Cerro Bonete at 5000 meters we start moving up slowly though several camps on the northeast flank of the mountain until attempting Aconcagua’s top.

While not a technically demanding climb, Aconcagua’s Normal route is a true mountaineering classic offering a great challenge to climbers getting into high altitude.


Why come with us?

AMG offers the highests standards on Aconcagua. Being a small company specialized on custom trips, we keep our Aconcagua trips with the same spirit, offering a personalized service in every aspect, with the advantage of having an office both in Argentina and in the USA.  Our groups are small, our expeditions don´t overlap and our guides are simply the best: fully IFMGA certified, elite alpinists with extensive experience working  not only in Aconcagua but all around the world.


“All the guides did a splendid job in organizing and adapting to every twist from lost baggage to frozen bathroom water. The technical teaching was exceptional and all the guides were helpful, kind, funny and responsive to each concerned voiced by the group.The bottom line is you guy are great and it was a pleasure to be part of the expedition…”
Dr. Scott Unice, Idaho, USA

“I may not have summited but I had an amazing adventure lead by some lovely people. Thanks!”
Dr. Lynne Tracey, London, UK.